XML to CSV Conversion

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XML or Extensible Markup Language is widely used on the internet and is a textual format that offers support for the world languages via Unicode. XML has several benefits and that’s why it is the preferred format of many webmasters. Sometimes it may be necessary to convert XML to CSV or Comma Separated Values format that is an easily-readable and transferable tabular format. CSV being a relatively simple file format is widely used in business, scientific and consumer applications.

You can find several tips on the internet as many people share their methods of XML to CSV conversion. However, some questions remain regarding them. If you know a bit of programming or web-based languages, you may be able to understand those processes. But if you are not a professional webmaster, then it is certainly not your cup of tea. For large volume, professional conversion requirements it is best to utilize reliable document conversion services.

Professional document conversion service providers can deliver you the seamless output which is not achievable through tips you may find on the internet. Expert service providers have the latest technology resources and competent staff to offer value-added XML to CSV conversion.

Features of Reliable Document Conversion Services

Efficiently convert and store the tabular data stored in XML files to CSV files
Data obtained from multiple sources can be merged and then converted to XML format
All XML attributes and CDATA is converted into CSV without any change
You can view the converted output in CSV and make modifications if necessary
Conversion using state-of-the-art document conversion tools and software
Enhanced confidentiality and security for your data

What to Look for in a Provider

· Professional services – This is the most important aspect as through hiring professional companies you can achieve excellent output. If you own a small or medium web-based business, then you may require such conversions often. Hiring reliable services will save your time and effort and most importantly you will receive accurate conversion, which is of vital importance.

· Low cost – Less time consuming – Competent document conversion services are available at affordable and competitive pricing. To convert XML to CSV, a process needs to be followed which is complicated and time consuming. Reputable document conversion companies have professional and well-trained manpower and thus, they can provide on-time and within budget services with ease.

· Easy to hire services – Good service providers guarantee complete client satisfaction for their services. When hiring XML to CSV conversion services, you do not have to be concerned about long term contracts. There are reputable service providers that offer easy to hire services; they will also ensure customized turnaround time.

If you are looking for XML to CSV conversion services, the internet is the best resource to find a good service provider. Visit the websites of various providers; you can compare their services, read reviews on them and compare their quotes or pay structure and hire the most suitable one for your job.

RTF to XML Conversion

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Document conversion services are among the fastest growing requirements in the world of digital conversions. Reducing the paperwork, making the process neat and clean and gaining a high level of data security are the prominent reasons for hiring document conversion companies. However, only a few service providers can quality and reliable professional services. Thus for a service seeker, it is necessary to be vigilant enough. In this article, we will look at several aspects of RTF to XML conversion.

An Introduction to XML Files

Understanding the file formats is important before you consider hiring a service provider for document conversion services. XML is a markup language that is generally used by webmasters and website designers for different web-based applications. This is a simplified version of HTML. XML plays a key role in this era of web-based applications and business transactions. Through this language, you can create structured data representations.

RTF File Format – an Overview

Rich text format or in short, RTF is a file format introduced by Microsoft. This is used for simple web-based formatted texts along with graphical representations. Companies require RTF to XML conversion or vice-versa quite often for different purposes to suit different applications and operating systems.

Benefits of RTF to XML Conversion

XML being a simplified form of representing structured data, converting RTF files into XML format is required very often for web-based companies. For this, you need to choose a good service provider or document conversion company. To find such a company, it is important to focus on the company profile and its experience.

Here are the benefits:

· XML is a globally accepted format that you can access through different OS or operating systems. This is the biggest advantage of having XML files. Thus, changing RTF to XML will allow you to view your text or data in the Windows OS, as well as other operating systems.

· The data exchange and export capacities of the XML files are always appreciated. It is easy, as well as very much free of any hassles.

· For corporate documentation XML files are very much acceptable.

So, if you are looking for a conversion company, then keep the aforementioned points in mind. Look for an experienced company that has established a reputation for providing reliable services. Many providers offer affordable services with attractive cost savings. Check out any free trial offer the company may have because it will help you assess the turnaround time, the service quality and other relevant details.

PDF Conversion for Businesses

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Advancements in the field of information technology have led to the way to proper and efficient document management that has helped various business establishments to improve their overall business productivity. Digitizing data is now a common trend in various businesses so that data can be easily shared, distributed over the internet and stored as PDF files in CDs, DVDs or hard drives. Professionals rely on the PDF file format because it is a globally accepted format and is compatible with PCs, laptops and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  <a href=”http://www.managedoutsource.com/data-entry/pdf-conversion.htm”>PDF conversion</a> is preferred because it helps manage valuable data in a more efficient manner.

Why Convert to PDF?


  • The most important feature of using PDF format is that PDF files can be encrypted for security and authenticated with digital signature.
  • PDF can be represented in two dimensional document format, and does not depend on the hardware, operating system or the application software.
  • It is very useful for publishing information that contains text, images, graphics, fonts and tables.
  • Through PDF conversion, files are easily compressed so that PDF files with complex structured information can be downloaded without any big effort.

Go for Outsourced Services to Ensure Excellent PDF Conversion


Many businesses perform in house PDF conversion tasks in the hope of ensuring easy workflow but in reality it may not be so.Having an in-house team for conversion tasks will increase the workload and need more dedicated human resources. Furthermore, you have to invest heavily in installing conversion equipment, hiring and training new staff especially for PDF conversion jobs. You can eliminate all these problems by outsourcing this back office task to a professional <a href=”http://www.managedoutsource.com/”>document conversion company</a> that has a team of professionals that possesses the technical knowhow and experience to finish the assigned tasks within the specified time schedule. These days reliable document conversion companies provide <a href=”http://www.managedoutsource.com/backoffice-document-conversion.htm”>document conversion services</a> where any data in any format can be converted to PDF as per your specifications and some of the services they offer include:

  • Accessible Adobe PDF creation
  • Books/ journals/ files/ brochures/reports to PDF
  • Microfiche/microfilm to PDF
  • PageMaker, QuarkXPress or FrameMaker to PDF conversion
  • Creation of hyperlinks and bookmarks within PDF files
  • MS-Word, WordPerfect or RTF to PDF
  • HTML, XML to PDF
  • JPEG, TIFF, GIF or any graphic format to PDF

These outsourcing service providers can help you in converting your PDF files to any other format as per your needs — PDF to Word conversion, PDF to HTML conversion, PDF to Excel conversion, PDF to XML conversion and many more to choose from.

Benefits of Outsourcing Conversion Tasks


  • Fast turnaround time
  • Safe and secure document transfer options
  • Reduced document management expenses
  • Competitive pricing with considerable cost savings
  • Preserving the original image and the searchable text in the same document
  • Converted PDF documents are assured high accuracy and supreme quality

Some document conversion companies offer a FREE TRIAL for clients who want to evaluate their service performance in terms quality and accuracy.

Image Conversion Services

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Image files include photos, artworks, printed text and illustrations. Image conversion services include converting image files to versatile digital formats. First,the hard copies are converted into images. These are then processed and converted into the desired format. The hard copy conversion is done using sophisticated scanners, and specialized retouching tools.

Sometimes important data, designs, flow charts or diagrams are saved in the image format,which later need to be converted to various other formats. Image conversion is gaining demand these days and for that finding a good document conversion company is important. The main benefit of outsourcing these tasks is that you can have your images and documents in orderly formats. Moreover, the quality of the images can also be enhanced through efficient conversion into the desired format.

Different Image Conversion Options

Images in raster and vector formats such as TIF, TIFF,JPG, JPEG, PNG, PSD, PCX, EPS, DIP, BMP, PDF and others can be converted to formats such as Word, Excel, HTML, Access, Database, XLS / CSV, and more. There are many online tools available for image conversion, but if you are looking for professional quality conversion, it is best to partner with an outsourcing partner. You can avail of this service from a reliable BPO company that is known for providing efficient services to their clients, with the help of excellent manpower and diverse tools and technologies.

Why Utilize Image Conversion Services?

Utilizing image conversion services will prove more beneficial than doing the conversion process in-house. An experienced document conversion company will already have trained and proficient specialists as well as the latest sophisticated technology to provide seamless services to their clients.

· If the company has vast experience in this industry, then it should be able to provide almost any kind of image conversion services.

· Flexibility is important and that shows the level of professionalism of the service providers. So, services should be flexible enough and cost should be negotiable, as well as realistic.

Apart from these, there are other benefits of associating with a dependable service provider.

· Competitive pricing with cost savings of 40%

· Skilled staff, processes and technology

· Foolproof QA standards

· Fast and flexible turn around time

Moreover,you get to save yourself from a lot of senseless work. You can easily search files and access them anywhere. Moreover, you can use more of your office space and enjoy seamless functioning.

Outsource XML Conversion — Data Transfer and Data Conversion Effectively

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XML or extensible markup language is globally accepted as the standard format for sharing data and information on the internet. Every business wants to establish its presence online. For this, information must be shared via the internet to prospective customers to obtain the expected exposure and popularity. XML plays an important role in the way data is stored and displayed on the internet. Converting voluminous data into XML format is tedious and time-intensive. Outsourcing XML conversion is the practical way to obtain speedy and perfect output at affordable pricing.

XML conversion services are a great support for all business organizations such as medical, legal, media, publishers, financial, scientific, technical and educational institutions. Reliable firms convert XML files for internet publishing, data exchange, content and knowledge management, company documentation and for supply chain integration.

XML Document Conversion Services

A reliable document conversion firm utilizes a combination of modern technologies and skilled staff to convert various file formats into XML.

Text to XML
Excel to XML
Word to XML
Doc to XML
Microfilm to XML

Outsourced XML Conversion Services – Benefits

Organized XML data conversion helps to free up data storage space in the office. This helps businesses to save money spent on procuring and maintaining large office spaces.

The converted XML documents are scalable, versatile and flexible compared to other web-publishing formats. XML is a versatile format that allows the handling of large files and printable formats.

XML files can be used and shared in different ways such as sending online applications, filling survey forms in companies, and for publishing outputs on the internet or sending to others.

XML data conversion helps organizations improve their productivity by efficiently maintaining the workflow of the organization. Business data can be quickly retrieved and in-house workload substantially reduced.

Other tangible benefits offered by outsourcing firms include:

Speedy delivery of converted XML files
High transparency
Minimum accuracy level of 99 percent
Improved data efficiency
Strict confidentiality of data
Cost savings in the range of 30 – 40 percent
Saves manpower and training costs
Reduces capital cost of infrastructure
Document conversion solutions as per client’s needs
Data can be reused at any point of time

Teaming-up with a reliable document conversion company can bring you these advantages at cost-effective pricing. The Internet is the best medium to find a reliable service provider. Some companies offer a free-trial of their services, availing such offers would help you evaluate their document conversion services.Considering the feedback and testimonials from former and present clients will also help to know more about the company’s XML conversion services.

How to Convert CSV into XML

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Dealing with data that comes in CSV or comma separated values format can be challenging. Converting CSV to XML is a problem when the input imported by the user is CSV and the web service requires XML formatted data.

Converting CSV into XML format is easy with reliable document conversion services
. CSV is the acronym for Comma Separated Values, whereas XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. Both of them are widely used and very commonly known amongst the computer users.

The Conversion Process

Many tools are there for you to convert CSV files into XML files. However, selecting the best tool is important as different files or different situations require different tools. This article looks at the different tools available for CSV into XML conversion.

· Online tools – Just Google the term ‘CSV to XML conversion’ and you will come across plenty of tools. Most of these tools are professional tools and if you are concerned with your data security, then it is wise to read online reviews of the tools before selecting them. All you need is upload the CSV file and the output will be delivered in XML format. Sometimes, using tools can be daunting as you may need to manually check the converted documents to make minor corrections.

· Spreadsheet Application – With different spreadsheet applications, it becomes quite easy to convert XML from CSV. Simply with the help of MS Excel one can perform this. All you need is manual entering of data into the tables and saving the file in CSV format. The application will also allow you to ‘export’ or ‘save as’ XML file.

Utilizing Reliable Conversion Services

Now there are two kinds of conversion services available, free services and professional premium services. For small tasks and generally for the small scale freelancer, free services are good enough. But if you want professional output, and when there is considerable data to convert, the best option is to hire professional document conversion services. What are the advantages of outsourcing CSV to XML conversion to a document conversion firm?

· Clients can choose the file encoding in the CSV document to be converted

· Redundant data from the converted XML file is removed using advanced data filtering

· Total data safety

· Large volume conversion possible in minimum turnaround time

· More flexibility in conversion

· Bulk data conversion

· Cost savings

Document conversion experts ensure smooth workflow and systematic document management. Clients receive accurately converted data without flaws.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Outsourcing Business Processes

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Outsourcing business processes is without doubt, a powerful cost and resource saving strategy. However, you can’t just outsource to any provider. Your service provider should meet certain necessary requirements if you are to enjoy a beneficial outsourcing experience.

Outsource to a professional company that has the expertise and updated technologies to provide the kind of services you are looking for. Usually services available include data entry, data/document conversion, scanning and imaging,medical/legal/business and general transcription and more. Working with an established BPO firm is beneficial in many ways. However, consider the following before signing up for their services:

· Ensure that the company has a dedicated, experienced workforce

· Check out their QA measures

· See whether they support FTP, browser, and email based transfer of files

· Consider whether your chosen company can handle any volume projects

24/7 customer support would be a great advantage
They should ensure customized turnaround time
Consider whether you get to enjoy cost savings of at least 40%
Whether they provide regular reports to check progress

BPO Services You Can Request for
Business process outsourcing solutions provided by a dedicated BPO company include:

Data conversion including document digitization
Data entry
Data mining
Medical record review

Software development
Medical billing services
Transcription services – medical, business, legal, general
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine marketing
Social media marketing
Website design
Legal solutions – legal research, litigation support and legal coding
Healthcare and other staff outsourcing

Things You Need to Look into

To benefit from quality BPO services that will facilitate speedy business growth, you must ensure that the company you are partnering with has solid experience in the industry.

It should have fool proof security measures to prevent any kind of illegal access, modification or deletion of your important business information. An efficient workforce, and the latest technology and infrastructure are necessary to provide state-of-the-art BPO solutions. Your benefits with such a well-equipped and competent service provider would include:

· Save time, manpower and effort

· Streamline office management

· Manage your non-core processes efficiently

· Raise organizational effectiveness by focusing on your core competencies

Compare various service providers to find one that most suits your specific requirements. Talk to their customer service representatives to have a clear idea about the outsourcing process. This will also enable you to arrive at the correct decision regarding which processes to outsource, and which processes to carryout in-house. With strategic outsourcing, you can lighten your internal workload and get your staff working more efficiently and single-mindedly on core processes.

Save Time and Increase Productivity with Document Conversion Outsourcing

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In the process of document conversion, documents are converted into various required formats. This is an era of IT and here, document conversion services are very important for getting easy access to information. A unique place has been acquired by these services in this business world which is fast growing and driven by the internet. Security and convenience are ensured for organizations for retrieving, updating as well as managing data easily. With these services, organizations can get assistance for converting their data for long-term storage in various digital formats.Storage of data can be done for easy archiving, sharing, accessing and searching. Nowadays, various document conversion companies are active in the industry providing reliable services to clients all across the globe. These firms have skilled manpower and excellent infrastructure, as per the specifications and expectations of the clients.

A Range of Data Conversion Services

Data conversion tasks become hassle-free with the able support of a BPO company providing such services. You can request the following as well as other services.

· HTML conversion

· Document conversion

· SGML conversion

· XML conversion

· CAD conversion

· Book conversion

· Image conversion

· Catalog conversion

· PDF conversion

· Document indexing

· MS Excel conversion

· ICR or OCR cleanup


When these document conversion requirements are outsourced, the risk is minimized and the costs are cut down to a great extent. More focus can be put on core areas of businesses. BPO companies provide consistent solutions that can be availed of beneath a single roof. There are many leading document conversion firms that have quality analysts and document specialists for providing accurate document conversion services.

What Benefits Does a BPO Company Offer?

There are various advantages that can be availed when document conversion jobs are outsourced. More focus can be put on core areas of the business. The productivity and workflow can be increased. A lot of valuable time is saved and there is improvement in customer satisfaction. The following advantages are offered:

· Loss of records is prevented

· Storage space is saved

· Records can be managed with great ease

· The need for file cabinets is eliminated

· Documents can be found easily

· Images can be made centrally available

· Valuable floor space can be reclaimed

· Operating expenses are cut down

· Promotion of business is done effectively

· Paper work can be avoided

· Data redundancy is eliminated

Advantages of Legal Process Outsourcing

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The LPO industry has been tremendously growing during the last few years. Data shows that the growth of legal process outsourcing has been quite amazing since the global financial crisis. Outsourcing legal documentation tasks seems to have become the norm among legal firms as doing this work in-house can be expensive and time consuming. It is really a tough task to organize, manage, and document legal reports. Busy legal professionals do not have that much time to spend on organizing these documents. So outsourcing allows legal entities to enjoy the advantages of legal process outsourcing as professional service providers ensure quality document management solutions,allowing their clients to focus on their core tasks.

Legal Process Outsourcing in almost all fields of law

A reliable legal outsourcing company provides valuable services for almost all areas of law such as criminal law, human rights, labor law, personal injury,family law, and much more. They employ highly skilled professionals and can help to optimize your work flow.

Professional legal outsourcing services are available for:

Document conversion: Paper documents and cards are converted into electronic files, making them easy to handle.

Legal document management: This helps in improving your back office paper work. The specialists in the outsourcing company will deliver the documents in client required formats and organize them for easy and quick access.

Legal data entry: Top outsourcing companies offer legal data entry services for form entry, business agreements, sales and purchase deals, immigration work, arbitration and other litigation work.

Legal transcription: Outsourcing companies provide cost-effective transcription services. They offer transcription services for real estate, family law, business, corporate and criminal law.

Paralegal services: The reliable service provider offers paralegal services for litigation and corporate services for research, document preparation and other paper work.

The Main Advantages of Legal Process Outsourcing:

· Accuracy: Legal process outsourcing allows law firms to obtain documentation solutions with up to 99 percent accuracy. The work is checked at three levels by experts to ensure quality.

· Cost effective: The right firm can offer competitively priced services to help clients save up to 30-40% on costs. Outsourcing helps to save your money in many ways. You can minimize the number of staff working for you,saving on recruiting, salaries, ongoing training, and employee benefits such as payroll, taxes and medical insurance. Expenses on office space and utilities,new software’s and latest technologies like dictation machine, and new equipments are reduced.

· Round-the-clock service: Off-shore teams can provide 24 hour service and complete the outsourcing work in minimum turnaround time.

· Access to a global labor pool: Off-shoring to countries like India ensure the services of large and well-trained labor force.

· Flexibility: Outsourcing firms ensure flexible legal services that are customized as per the client’s requirement.

· Confidentiality: Reliable service providers offer complete confidentiality for the documents they handle with secure modes of transfer through the Internet.

With all these advantages, LPO has become vital practice in the legal arena nowadays. To reap all the advantages of legal process outsourcing, it is necessary to find a reputable outsourcing company that can provide quality solutions at affordable rates.

Document Conversion Services – Convert Paper Documents to the Digital Format of Your Choice

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Document conversion services are very significant these days for business organizations looking to streamline their organization’s capability to store, access and manage documents in the most cost-effective and stress-free manner. First of all, it is a green idea as it reduces the paperwork by turning hard copies into soft copies and creating backups for those copies. Secondly, it is important for reducing the cost of the companies too as document conversion outsourcing means a business does not have to set up a different unit for such daunting tasks. Professional people will take over the responsibility and carry out the job in a hassle-free manner. New data will be scanned and digitized and pre-existing documents converted to digital formats. Finding a dependable and reputable document conversion company is important.

Plenty of service providers are there these days that are capable enough to meet client requirements efficiently. However, to find a budget friendly and competent company, you need to do a bit of market research. Let us look at the different aspects of document conversion and the services you can expect from your service provider. Hopefully, this information will be of help to entrepreneurs or small-medium sized businesses which often need to hire document conversion companies.

Document Conversion Services Catering to Individual Requirements

Document conversion services include document scanning service for:

· Paper documents

· Microfilm

· Aperture cards

· Microfiche

All digital files are converted to a standard file format. Image processing and enhancement, indexing and data entry are among the other services available.

Document Conversion from One Format to Another

In digital media, plenty of file formats are there, and the complete list will be rather lengthy. A few common and popular document conversion services are mentioned below.


· XML to HTML or HTML to XML


· PDF to RTF

· XML to Word or Doc


· TXT to XML

· PNG to PDF, and many more

Advantages of Document Conversion Services

· Reduced paperwork – Your in-house paperwork will be reduced considerably and your staff can benefit from more free time to attend to core tasks.

· Secure database management –Document conversion comes with secure database management to ensure data security.

· Low cost solution – Hiring an in-house team would not be beneficial; outsourcing would help immensely since it is a cost-effective option.

To benefit from streamlined document conversion services, you have to research carefully and find a suitable service provider. The internet is a good resource to locate reliable providers; compare various document conversion firms, their terms of service, staff and pricing. Choose a service provider that can offer customized service within your budget.