The LPO industry has been tremendously growing during the last few years. Data shows that the growth of legal process outsourcing has been quite amazing since the global financial crisis. Outsourcing legal documentation tasks seems to have become the norm among legal firms as doing this work in-house can be expensive and time consuming. It is really a tough task to organize, manage, and document legal reports. Busy legal professionals do not have that much time to spend on organizing these documents. So outsourcing allows legal entities to enjoy the advantages of legal process outsourcing as professional service providers ensure quality document management solutions,allowing their clients to focus on their core tasks.

Legal Process Outsourcing in almost all fields of law

A reliable legal outsourcing company provides valuable services for almost all areas of law such as criminal law, human rights, labor law, personal injury,family law, and much more. They employ highly skilled professionals and can help to optimize your work flow.

Professional legal outsourcing services are available for:

Document conversion: Paper documents and cards are converted into electronic files, making them easy to handle.

Legal document management: This helps in improving your back office paper work. The specialists in the outsourcing company will deliver the documents in client required formats and organize them for easy and quick access.

Legal data entry: Top outsourcing companies offer legal data entry services for form entry, business agreements, sales and purchase deals, immigration work, arbitration and other litigation work.

Legal transcription: Outsourcing companies provide cost-effective transcription services. They offer transcription services for real estate, family law, business, corporate and criminal law.

Paralegal services: The reliable service provider offers paralegal services for litigation and corporate services for research, document preparation and other paper work.

The Main Advantages of Legal Process Outsourcing:

· Accuracy: Legal process outsourcing allows law firms to obtain documentation solutions with up to 99 percent accuracy. The work is checked at three levels by experts to ensure quality.

· Cost effective: The right firm can offer competitively priced services to help clients save up to 30-40% on costs. Outsourcing helps to save your money in many ways. You can minimize the number of staff working for you,saving on recruiting, salaries, ongoing training, and employee benefits such as payroll, taxes and medical insurance. Expenses on office space and utilities,new software’s and latest technologies like dictation machine, and new equipments are reduced.

· Round-the-clock service: Off-shore teams can provide 24 hour service and complete the outsourcing work in minimum turnaround time.

· Access to a global labor pool: Off-shoring to countries like India ensure the services of large and well-trained labor force.

· Flexibility: Outsourcing firms ensure flexible legal services that are customized as per the client’s requirement.

· Confidentiality: Reliable service providers offer complete confidentiality for the documents they handle with secure modes of transfer through the Internet.

With all these advantages, LPO has become vital practice in the legal arena nowadays. To reap all the advantages of legal process outsourcing, it is necessary to find a reputable outsourcing company that can provide quality solutions at affordable rates.